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we are on strike

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we are on strike

Gepostet: 01.04.2015 - 11:29  · #1
Due to a lack of support for siedler3.net and its tools the alobby will go offline for a certain amount of time.

All requesting and begging for people getting involved in the processes – may it be VPN, new lobbyreleases or simply looking, if there is news in the forum – failed. Its not only me who is fed up about this.

I'm sorry for the few acitve users, but nothing seems to change without pressure. In the past days I pointed multiple times on the processes we needed support for. Most users will just notice that when it's already too late, others won't probably notice it at all :(

You can see the core problem at the example of the VPN group – 27 users – but we recieve nearly no feedback at all.
Neither working off the installation-instruction nor dealing with connection issues – there is no feedback.
For a long time I was willing to help through the short official channels – now it's over.
Just two hands of poeple of 150 active lobby-users find the way to the forum.

Yesterday the same things as usual happened: There was a problem with the betalobby – but there is no feedback or report about that issue in the forum.
Instead of writing a report in the forum, people would just message me. In this case I didn't do anything; someone else fixed the problem.

In most peoples' minds siedler3.net is a lobby with nice stuff surrounding it.
But siedler3.net is a communication-platform – with a linked lobby as a bonus.
Due to the lack of information-flow we are presented with the following issues:

- People consequently ignoring calls for donations – during the last few years the costs for siedler3.net were always taken care off by the same little group of people. Thats unbearable.
- People not reacting on requests to test new features for the lobby
- There is no written feedback about errors and problems regarding the lobby – there is only vocal reporting in the likes of "I have a problem here" or "Can u please fix this issue?"
- Guidelines regarding the mapbase-upload are ignored most of the times – I'm fed up of always having to remind and push people in order to follow those guidelines

I don't want the service of siedler3.net to cost a monthly or yearly fee for each user, but how shall the future look like under these circumstances?
Six persons work their asss off for everything workieng fine.
The other ~150 users don't care at all about the issues at hand.

A quote from the past few days: "Why test something? I just want to play"

This won't go on like that in the future.
The lobby-service will temporarily go offline – same as the mapbase, lobby-website and backuplobby. The forum however will stay online.


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