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Translation everywhere - new forum function added

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Translation everywhere - new forum function added

Gepostet: 26.04.2020 - 15:16  · #1
Since today it is possible to use the forum in your language. Even more: you can have every single post translated into your language with a single click, no matter who wrote it and when.

As of today the following languages are supported:

  • German
  • English
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Dutch

The addition of further languages is possible if there is sufficient interest.

And now some answers to questions that might arise.

Why so many languages at all?
The Settler 3 community seems to be primarily a German community. But we also have many players from other countries. The language barrier is often an problem when it comes to helping someone in his language with a problem. And not everyone speaks English. The forum is used for communication with all members of the community, so the hurdle for non-German speaking users must not be too high. That's why this addition was made - to break down barriers and let people find each other.

Do I have to choose my own language when calling the forum?
That should not be necessary. The forum recognizes your preferred language based on your browser's settings and shows you the forum immediately in this language.
Of course you have the possibility to change the language on every page by clicking on one of the flags. Alternatively you can do this in the control center in your settings.

How can I use the translation option?
As soon as you speak a different language than the one you wrote the post in, you will see a note below the post. In this note you can click on the language you want to translate - the text of the post will be translated into this language almost immediately.


Alternatively, you can click on the language icon at the bottom right of each post and also select the language you want to translate.


The translated text sounds strange and is misspelled - why?
These are automated translations. For this purpose, corresponding notes are also displayed above the translated articles. Automated translations cannot replace human beings and are subject to errors.

Is it possible to adapt the translated texts afterwards?
Yes, register yourself in the forum and I can give you the opportunity to do so. Please indicate in which language you would like to adapt translated posts.

I still see German texts - why?
All contributions from German-speaking members will continue to be displayed in German as long as you do not have the contribution translated. As soon as you have translated the post once, it will be displayed in the language you have chosen.
If the German texts are captions of the forum, then you can let us know where you see that. Please describe as exactly as possible which text you mean - copying it would help us to find it quickly.

I see the translation hint, although I use the forum in german and the post is also written in german?
There are some german users who use the forum in english language. adrianer for example, as you can see on the post here:
See the note to the following question.

When writing a contribution, can I specify the language in which it is written?
Yes, you can select the language in which you wrote the post below the editor's input field. By default the forum language you use is selected here. This helps other users to translate your posts more easily.

A translated text contains any strange characters?
This can happen with complex formatting in the source text. If you notice this repeatedly, please let us know, so that I can optimize the plugin.

What happens to the translated text if the original text is edited?
The translation will then no longer be displayed since it is no longer based on the original text. Just click on translate again, and a new translation will be loaded from the then current post text.

Can I also translate private messages?
No, this is currently not (yet) possible. However, depending on how the translation option is used, it can still be added.

What is technically behind it?
Now it becomes very technical and financial: the forum plugin I wrote supports the connection of 3 language APIs, namely

  • Microsoft Azure Translator API
  • Deepl API
  • Google Translator API

Each supports a different number of languages. They also differ qualitatively, both in terms of translation and technical capabilities. For example, the Deepl API works well with the forum's BBCode formatting and translates the texts qualitatively better than the other APIs, but is subject to a mandatory fee. The Azure API (which is currently in use) is currently free to use with 2 million characters per month, if you reach the 2 million characters (and I got there while developing) you have to pay a (small) amount per X characters. The Google Translator API is connected via OAuth and has a rather complex billing model, which currently allows 500,000 characters per month.

For these reasons, a text once translated is stored in the forum database. So it is not sent to the API a 2nd or 3rd time - the translation is already available. This saves characters to be translated and ultimately also saves our wallet.

And it is precisely for these cost reasons that I have currently only activated the Azure API for translations. If it turns out during use that another API might be better, a change, even from individual languages, would be possible at any time. But always under the condition that no costs are incurred. Because we are a private community that keeps this going financially thanks to the donors.

Does this also affect the aLobby in any way?
No, the addition only concerns the forum. Not the aLobby. Also no other websites of the community.

Can't you also add this to the aLobby?
Since the aLobby is built on a technically completely different basis, this is unfortunately not so easy. But now that I know how the translation APIs work, I'm already thinking about having the texts of the aLobby translated automatically.

If you have any questions that are not answered by the above description, just post them here.

You can have this text translated into the following languages:

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Re: Translation everywhere - new forum function added

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